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New Update?

2008-09-15 20:22:56 by DJpplanet

Hmm. Sorry about Tanksim I, but with CS4 releasing and all, and me working on new flash trials @ my friends house, so, maybe we'll be looking forward to a Tanksim II?


2008-05-05 21:54:41 by DJpplanet

Noobgrounds (a parody website shown in one of the last unlocked offices in TANKSIM I) is planned to be turned into a full-length game with multiple levels and ranks (similar to some of the NG system, but alternate.
I can't go into detail's now, but I'm gonna work on it soon ;)

Escape 2.0

2008-04-26 12:38:48 by DJpplanet

As my first escape game had a glitch in it, I've finally figured out how to use actionscript for the past three weeks.There is going to be a sequel game to it, with longer gameplay. Here are its new features:
-Multi-Escape Rooms
-Improved Background
-And Many More!!!!!
I will start on it when I finish up a suprise game for you guys. Thanks!!!!